Not Out of Words- 2011

Amo's Latest CD is a Improvisational Suite for Piano.

So Many Ways

Amo's first solo CD "Every damn thing except back-up vocals by Amo Chip."

Escape from Newark

Jazz Instrumental Album

Kokopelli's Cafe

First CD for the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet

Big Medicine

First RCNQ to make Grammy® entry list

Ancient Future

Amo debut's two horn technique

Edges of Century

Duet album between Amo Chip and R. Carlos Nakai

made Grammy® Entry List

People of Peace

Grammy® Nominee 2005

Amo Chip does the soundtrack to this critically acclaimed documentary

"Making Waves" is the story of the Low Power FM movement in America which focuses on three unlicensed (aka pirate) stations in Tucson, Arizona: KOPC, KRVL, and Radio Limbo.